With probe results now in-hand, is a shake-up next at MPD?

The investigation into the Mooresville Police Department working environment is complete, and the final report is in the town’s hands.

US ISS Agency, which conducted the investigation, submitted to the Town of Mooresville on Oct. 2 a 150-page summary report. However, the town now has the full report.

“We are now in receipt of all of the report, totaling about 5,000 pages (including attachments),” Town Manager Randy Hemann wrote in an email today.

The investigation has lasted the majority of 2019. The town launched it in February, then stated during summer that interviews with ISS – about 80 total – would be complete by the end of July. From then until the summary-report was submitted to the town earlier this month, ISS was conducting follow-up interviews and writing and editing the report, Hemann said.

“I understand the unease at the length of time involved in this process,” he added, “but it was a very in-depth process that needed to be handled properly, regardless of the amount of time required.”

So far, the town has paid ISS $206,977. The contract with the agency is not to exceed $225,000.

The final report is not a public record and therefore will not be released to the public. However, Hemann said, “at the proper time, the town will share any information that is allowed by NC law.”

Mooresville’s town board called for the probe in February in response to complaints filed within MPD, including one from Criminal Investigations Division Capt. David Call that the department is a hostile work environment.

About three months after the investigation started, on June 3, then-Interim Town Manager Ryan Rase placed Mooresville Police Chief Damon Williams on paid administrative leave. The following day, in an “updated” press release, the town announced that Call had also been placed on paid leave.

Neither Williams nor Call has returned to work in Mooresville, but Williams – with Rase’s approval – has been police chief of Taylortown, NC since July. Williams said he is volunteering his time in Taylortown, while Mooresville has continued paying his $101,188 annual salary.


3 thoughts on “With probe results now in-hand, is a shake-up next at MPD?

  1. Town management needs to let the new chief do his job and clean up the department that was ruined by Chiefs Robbins and Williams. This new chief seems to know what he is doing unlike the previous two.

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