Who’s targeting Josh’s Farmers Market *now*?

Someone in Mooresville is siccing state regulators on Josh’s Farmers Market.

Last week, for the first time in 30 years, representatives from the N.C. Department of Agriculture in Raleigh visited the farmer’s market for an inspection before the market was even open at its new location at 630 Brawley School Road.

The state inspector confirmed that his “special visit” was prompted by a complaint.

The inspection turned up no violations against Josh’s Farmers Market. 

Today, the Scoop emailed elected officials and Town Manager Randy Hemann, Planning Director Danny Wilson and Code Enforcement Officer Rebecca Saunders to ask if any of them filed a complaint with the state about the farmers market.

Everyone replied except for Mayor Miles Atkins and Commissioner Tommy Deweese. (Deweese has missed multiple town board meetings since being elected in August, including two in the past month, which we inquired about in today’s email, too.)

Those who responded emphatically stated that they did not contact the state agency.

Wilson replied on behalf of his department, which would include Saunders, saying no one filed a complaint with the state against Josh’s Farmers Market.

Town Manager Randy Hemann said he didn’t file a complaint to the Department of Agriculture “or any other agency,” going on to ask: “What kind of complaint was filed?”

That’s a public record that the town manager can request himself. We made the same request of the state earlier today and will let y’all know if anything turns up.


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