What-A-Burger owner: we’re not closing

Everyone take a nice, deep breath: What-A-Burger #11 in Mooresville is not closing. 

Owner Mike Bost confirmed with the Scoop today he has no plans of closing or selling What-A-Burger as is being alleged in a widely circulating post on Facebook. 

“I don’t know how this posting for Facebook got started about the closing of our Mooresville location, but I assure you I’m dispelling the rumor,” Bost said. “I have an interest in the business. I have an interest in the property. We have no intention of closing. We have no intention of selling.” 

Bost said, however, it’s been nice hearing from so many loyal Mooresville customers in the wake of the social-media post.

Now y’all head on over to What-A-Burger today, get yourself a cheeseburger and a Cherry Lemon Sundrop, and make it a good day. 


5 thoughts on “What-A-Burger owner: we’re not closing

  1. Glad you are staying with us. Too many are leaving. I am glad we are keeping you and Pie in the sky both. Many wonderful memories with you.

    1. Yes ma’am! Bring back the OG cola and the original recipes!
      The biggest reason why What-A-Burger stopped being my weekly go-to is the change to Pepsi products.

      1. My husband would have Big withdrawals,if you even thought about closing. We go every Saturday! And have been for forty something years! We Love it! Mike & Teresa

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