Voters could have final say in towns’ controversial cable ownership

Mooresville may soon be out of the cable business.

The town’s $92 million acquisition of a bankrupt cable television service has been a political hot-potato since 2007, when commissioners decided – in a controversial, split vote, with the then-mayor splitting the tie – to purchase the system.

The company, later named MI-Connection and then Continuum Communications System, has been a financial burden on Mooresville and Davidson, both bearing the responsibility of paying the debt. But after enhancing digital services and growing revenue in recent years, the towns recently decided that conditions were ripe to put the system on the market.

An interested suitor is apparently in place, but voters could get the final word. Mooresville’s town board will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, Aug. 13, at Town Hall to consider the system’s sale.

If the board votes to approve, the matter will be on the Nov. 5 election ballot for voters to decide.


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