Town planner resigns

Mooresville’s planning director, Danny Wilson, has resigned.

Wilson has been the town’s planner for three years and is perhaps best known for creating Mooresville’s current Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) then using it to make it virtually impossible for Josh’s Farmers Market – a longtime, local family-owned business – to legally operate in town.

Wilson went so far as to sic state regulators onto the market, alleging it may be selling “illegal beef.” He later lied about contacting the state.

Although Town Manager Randy Hemann confirmed the lie, he took no disciplinary action against Wilson.

Both Hemann and Wilson have now submitted their resignations to the town. Wilson’s is effective Oct. 4. Hemann’s is effective Oct. 23.


One thought on “Town planner resigns

  1. How do clowns like these two get hired to work in such a great town ? And then do there very best to destroy this place. We need to warn future employment opportunities for both of them just how incompetent they are.

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