Mooresville Commissioner Thurman Houston was recently accused of stabbing a man, and the matter has been referred to state investigators, the Scoop has learned.

The victim has not pressed charges.

Internal law enforcement documents classified the incident as “aggravated assault.”

Mooresville Police Department held on to the case for 12 days before referring the matter to the State Bureau of Investigation because of potential conflicts of interest.

The stabbing occurred on May 10, several hours after the funeral for slain Mooresville Police Officer Jordan Sheldon.

Houston did not immediately respond to Scoop questions. We reached out to the mayor and several town commissioners who said they had no prior knowledge of the incident.

This is a developing story.

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5 Replies to “Town commissioner accused of stabbing man”

  1. Where did this happen ? Was he being Robbed ? Is this the Reason the Victim didn’t Press Charges ??? WHATS Mooresville Police Report Say about This Incident ?

    1. I’m working on getting as many answers as I can and will bring them to you as I get them. Unfortunately, the police report isn’t available for public review. I’ll have more on that soon.

    1. Unfortunately, we will likely have to wait for the SBI and/or Commissioner Thurman Houston to provide the details.

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