‘The Scoop’ promises straight-talk local news

A lot has changed since the last post I typed for my blog, The Gatton Report, several years ago. But a lot has also stayed the same. 

As many of you know, I’ve been freelancing lately for local newspapers. I had missed writing, and I enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to print again. Ink will always run through my blood. At the same time, Mooresville has been politically awake and alert for a long time – and it demands and deserves straight-talk news, delivered on time and unflinchingly. The only way for me to know you’re getting that is to deliver it to you myself.

I plan to include local-government news here, of course, but I’m also curious about your ideas for stories that may be of interest to people in the southern end of the county. Know of a fun, unique business? How about a weekend hangout spot? An extra-special local kid? Pitch your stories to me any time at jgatton@mooresvillescoop.com.

Emily – a longtime friend and former Tribune colleague – devoted practically her entire Saturday to developing The Scoop. Thank you, Em!

And please don’t mind the current bare bones of the blog. A dear friend, Emily, met with me, on last-minute notice, for hours yesterday to get this thing up-and-running, but I have a lot to learn behind-the-scenes. (Starting with how I can get you all subscribed so you can receive email alerts when news breaks.) Y’all have patience with me as I sort it all out.

I am starting The Scoop, frankly, with no concrete vision of where I see it going in the future. We will let it create a life of its own. But know I’m so honored and excited to have each of you along for the ride. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your support over the years – and for all I know you will do to advance this new source of news and information for Mooresville and Iredell County.

Y’all ready?

Let’s get goin’!



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