Mooresville manager slaps town board in TN job interview

If Randy Hemann is going down, he wants to take “his” town board with him. 

Hemann, Mooresville’s town manager, is a finalist for the Oak Ridge, TN city manager position. During a recorded interview on July 18, Oak Ridge city officials asked Hemann why he was considering leaving Mooresville for a job in their city.

Hemann, in part, pointed a finger at Mooresville’s town board. “I do have some things going on with my board that I really cannot mention a whole lot about,” he said. Those “things going on” are “not anything related to me but with the board,” Hemann said, adding “quite frankly, I’m not so sure that they line up with where I am from a moral standpoint.” 

Hemann didn’t elaborate on those “morals.” 

Town Manager Randy Hemann

Could it be that Hemann, who doesn’t have an expiration date on his contract with the Town of Mooresville, is pushing the town board to fire him so he can collect his $200,000 severance pay on the way to a different town? 

Are we watching #HailMaryHemann here? What are your thoughts?

A clip of Hemann’s interview with Oak Ridge can be found on the Scoop’s Facebook and Instagram pages or by clicking here: IMG_0. For the full video, click here.


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