Karriker, Owens advance to general election

Eddie Karriker and Frank Owens were the two top vote-getters in today’s primary race for at-large commissioner on Mooresville’s town board. This means the two men will advance to the general election on Nov. 7.

Karriker received 395 votes, or 39.78 percent of the total votes cast in today’s primary. Owens collected 227 votes, or 22.86 percent.

Of the 993 total ballots cast today, Angela Stutts garnered 161 votes, Jeff Karp received 97, Sean Kinahan collected 91 and Thomas Thon received 22.

2 thoughts on “Karriker, Owens advance to general election

  1. How many people were eligible to vote yesterday? What was the total number of people who voted? 993? Sounds like a pathetic turn out to me!

    1. Right there with your train of thought Cindy Wiggins. I am truly disappointed that so many residents could not take the time to make their voices heard. I wish that I had been able to vote in this election. While almost all Town of Mooresville decisions impact us, we do not have a voice in the election. Our home is nestled right in between developments that are inside the city limits but we are not considered city residents. Personally, the town tax base does not justify the amount of city taxes residents pay so I will just have to accept that as a win even though I don’t have a voice in city government.

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