Girl power: woman-owned business brings passion, creativity to Mooresville

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You may have noticed by your newsfeed that yesterday was International Women’s Day. And speaking of empowered women … 

Blender Creative Co. is a female-owned, fully-female-staffed creative agency in Mooresville. Founder Kelly Korak enjoyed 20 years of national success as Korak Design before blending all her business’ best ingredients together into something new for 2023: a refreshed, rebranded approach to graphic design.

Korak used the Gestalt theory of design for her new vision: “On their own, individual parts have value,” her website reads. “Together, they make a completely new and original thing.”

“On their own, individual parts have value. Together, they make a completely new and original thing.”

Client-focused, the company’s goal is to blend the right talent and ingredients to create original, fresh work for its clients — every time. “We love face-to-face, so let’s grab coffee or beer or sushi or burritos … pick your poison,” the company’s Facebook page reads. 

Blender Creative Co. works with clients on unique, creative projects across branding, marketing, advertising, social media and more. Local branding partnerships include Mill One, Brawley Garden Center, Pie in the Sky Pizza, Dive Bar, 158 on Main, Station Two22, Mikula Salon and Spa and Old Town Cornelius.

The creative agency introduced its new brand to friends and clients at a Feb. 25 launch party at OnTap in Downtown Mooresville.

“The recipe for success in design goes beyond the creative artwork,” said Korak. “It’s about the talent, the clients, the projects and the beauty we cultivate when working together … when blending all those components together.” 

She continued, “Blender Creative perfectly reflects the growth and change of our business. It’s how far we’ve come in 20 years as well as where we’re going in the years ahead. We’re proud to be a woman-owned business with a women-led team, bringing decades of experience, passion and creativity to everything we create.” 

For more information, visit www. 


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