Campaign Corner 2019: Houston gets a challenger, mayor’s race requires primary

With two 11th-hour changes just before filing ended today, three of four positions open for re-election on Mooresville’s Board of Commissioners now have a race.

James “Toodles” Ritchie withdrew his previous filing for mayor today and threw his name into the Ward 2 hat, instead. He will face-off with Commissioner Thurman Houston in the Nov. 5 election.

Also today, Angela Carruba Stutts added her name to the race for mayor. That makes two candidates – Stutts and Darryl Cerro – who will oppose Mayor Miles Atkins, maintaining the need for an Oct. 8 primary. The top two vote getters in that election move on to Nov. 5.

William Compton, Jr. is opposing Commissioner Bobby Compton for one of two at-large commissioner seats on the board.

Eddie Dingler will run unopposed for Ward 1.

The seats of Commissioners Gary West (at-large), Barbara Whittington (Ward 3) and Lisa Qualls (Ward 4) are not up for re-election this year.

Commissioners in Mooresville have four-year terms. The mayor’s term is two years.


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