Mooresville Police Chief Damon Williams has resigned.

He submitted his letter of resignation this afternoon to Town Manager Randy Hemann, according to Kim Sellers, the town’s public information officer.

Williams has been on paid administrative leave since June, four months after the town launched an investigation into the working environment at the Mooresville Police Department. He’s been “volunteering” as chief in Taylortown – two hours east of Mooresville – since July. Mooresville taxpayers continued to pay his salary.

The results of the MPD investigation have been in the town’s hands for a month. For more, read here.

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One Reply to “BREAKING: Mooresville Police Chief Damon Williams resigns”

  1. Interesting where is the article about the 2 majors that got demoted all the way down to patrol officers? Or is this just s smear campaign for the department and the Chief. Hmmmm. Seems like this is seriously one sided reporting…… maybe bias even.

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